The College has a large body of students who come from varied backgrounds.  It would be difficult to operate smoothly without some rules and regulations to guide their behaviours.  Law and order must be maintained to create a conducive atmosphere for academic success and progress.  It is the College responsibility not only to educate students academically, but also to guide their personal developments into useful citizens.   Knowledge has meaning only if it enables its possessor to live a further life, which must include behaving responsibly to self and to the society.

  1. Students are expected to take part in the College programme of activities which in the end should enable them to:
    1. Broaden their interests and goals;
    2. Develop individual talents in working with other people;
    3. Practices skills in organizing and administering group functions;
    4. Learn socially acceptable behavior through observing the rules and interacting with others;
    5. Experience success and earn recognition from others;
    6. Develop responsibility and self discipline in planning and carrying out activities.
  2. Every student of the College is required to maintain a high standard of personal discipline by:
    1. Conducting himself/herself in an orderly manner and displaying a high sense of responsibility both within and outside the school premises
    2. Maintaining personal cleanliness and be in proper dresses at all times;
    3. Cooperating with other students and staff to keep walls, ground, and the general College premises clean, and not to be littered with papers, cans etc, and;
    4. Being responsible for cleaning his/her own living room
  3. The legitimate expression of differing opinions and beliefs is an essential part of the life of the academic community and the right to disagree is guaranteed.  The imposition of beliefs by one group of students upon others who dissent shall not be tolerated by the College.
  4. All members of the College community as other citizens are subject to the laws of our country whether within or outside the College premises.  In a conflict where the law takes its course, College shall if deemed fit, take interim disciplinary action on erring students pending the final determination of the law.  Students are expected to learn to cope with their problems intelligently, reasonably and with a sense of understanding and consideration for the rights of others.  Each member of the College community should recognize that as he prizes right the freedom for himself/herself, so is he/she expected to respect the rights and freedoms of others be it in lecture halls or in the hostels.
  5. Students are to respect the privacy and comfort of other fellow students and should not smoke in classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, libraries or the assembly hall and must not write on the walls.  All students are expected to show courtesy and respect to members of staff and College guests as in the traditional Nigeria custom and are to treat their colleagues with respect.